I am based in New York City. I'm looking to show sophisticated, respectful, and refined gentlemen in my area, the absolute best time possible.

Where are you from?
I am from New York City. Born and raised!

What is your nationality Summer?
I am born in American, I am African American. My mom was born in Haiti and my father was born in the United States.

Are you a real person?
Yes I am a real person.

Are you GFE?
Yes I am 100% GFE. As long as you are 100% clean and smelling good I have no problem.

Do you offer Greek?

What can I experience?
GFE Swing Club fun 2 girl fun with a friend of mines!! Strap - On Play Role Playing Dinner dates Overnights Which ever you choose I can GUARANTEE a great time!

Is this an agency?
Nope! I am a 100% independent adult entertainer / escort.

Are your pictures real?
Yes they are. My pictures are very recent also. If you like any of the outfits in my pictures I will be glad to bring ANY one along to model for you during our time together!

Verification? Why must I do this?
I have a few different methods of verification! You are doing this for my safety. I love my life and love to live! I want to make sure I am safe. Once you do this, I will be more at ease during my meeting with you. If you can not then please find someone else to meet with. Also to make sure you're not crazy! I have came across a few wackos and weirdo's and would like to never have experiences like that AGAIN!!!!

Many guys play games, bullshit, and make it hard for guys that are truly looking for a great time this is also to assure me that you are serious about meeting also!

I have to assure my safety so here is the few ways to verify with me:

  1. Provider Verification - If you have seen a provider before I will need her email address or name and number to ask if you are OK. Please make sure to contact her and ask if it is OK first! Some girls are VERY petty / stuck up and do not like to give references so please check with her first!
  2. www.theeroticreview.com or www.bigdoggie.com - I can search your handle/user name through these web sites and see you are a member! If you are a member you must have at least written 10 reviews AND MUST message me from that handle.
  3. Job Verification - This is very easy as well all I need is your job number with first and last name. I will call and see if you work there. I will not say who I am and the purpose of my call but I will just ask for you and once you are put through the line this verification is complete.
  4. Date Check or RoomService2000 or Provider411. These are 3 web sites that you can register on for verification purposes. I recommend these 3 sites highly because if you decide to see someone else after we meet many women use these sites for verification.

If you have NEVER met anyone before I highly recommend you sign up for 1 of these website BEFORE we meet:

www. preferred411.com
RoomService 2000

I am trying to call you but you wont answer me! I am trying to email you but you wont answer any of my emails! May I ask why?
You must have called or emailed, and was very rude, or asked an explicit question or contacted me in the past and did not follow through with your appointment and I have zero tolerance for that type of behavior!

What is NC/NS?
This is when you set up an appointment and then I do not hear from you which I do not tolerate! Please understand that this is unacceptable in my eyes because my time is very precious. I love what I do but I will not tolerate NC/NS, time wasting, rudeness, and tardiness!

Do you have any reviews?
Check out my reviews on TheEroticReview!

Do you accept gifts?
Yes, if you would like to buy me a gift just ask me what I like! :)

Are you into sugar daddy relationships?
If you truly know what its about, Yes...

I see your pictures and info on other web sites is that you?
Yes I advertise on many escort web sites but this my own official site.

Where are your Incalls held?
I host in a very VERY nice UPSCALE hotel!.

Do you do half hours?
No I do not. Sorry.

Do you offer any specials?
Yes I have a "Clock Free Incall Special"

Do you accept credit cards or checks?
No I do not. I accept CASH ONLY. I do not accept personal, bank, or cashier checks. I do not accept money orders. I only accept cash. I'm sorry.

Do you see couples?

Do you ever see 2 men at a time?
Always has been a fantasy of mines but I have never done it before. May be accommodated for the right 2 gentlemen.

Would you accompany me to a swing club?
Yes I would love to, please fill out a reservation form on my website.

How do I schedule an appointment with you?
Please go to my reservation Page and fill out the reservation form. I will email you after I receive the form to discuss our meeting and iron out any details or to get more information.

Do you ever tour or travel?
Yes I do tour.

I would love to fly you to my city ( for my personal pleasure ) but I am scared you might not come after I make my deposit. How will I know you won't run off with my monies?
My reputation is way more important then trying to rob you of a few dollars. I'm trying to make friends not enemies. I am 100% safe, honest, and reliable. TRUST ME I will not steal your money...

I see you have your face blocked in your photos, May I ask why? Can you send me pictures of your face? "I promise not to show anyone!"
I am trying to be as discreet as possible. As you are too. I am an active member in my community. I want no one to know my business. I'm pretty sure you understand and feel the same way. So no I do not send face pictures. No I cant. I'm sorry.

Can you send me some more pictures of you?
No I can't. I put NUMEROUS pictures on my site for a reason.

Do you offer fetishes?

Do you enjoy this line of work?
Of course I do. I love having fun with gentlemen looking for a good time. To see a smile on your face after our time together, brings joy to me. I love making the select few I decide to see happy.

So you don't see everyone that contacts you?
No I don't. I am not for every and anybody.

I am a high-profile individual, I have a lot to loose and would be devastated if anyone in my inner circle knew I was seeing an escort. How do I know you're discreet?
As you can see I am pretty discreet myself and understand where you're coming from. Your privacy is important to me. AGAIN your privacy is very important to me. I will NEVER tell anyone we met, your secret is safe with Summer.

I'm worried my neighbors might see you entering my home or apartment. What will you be wearing when you come to my home?
I will dress accordingly when entering someone else home. The last thing I want to do is draw unnecessary attention to you.

Do you "party"?
No I do not. I do not do drugs including marijuana. I drink but no DRUGS.

Do you have anything else you want me to know?
I want you to know that you will definitely have the Ultimate Ebony Experience! You will never feel rushed and will definitely have a good time. I want us to have the best time possible. I really hope this FAQ page has helped your decision on meeting me and hopefully I can see you soon!


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